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3 Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agents

Have you ever wondered just what are the benefits of virtual tours for real estate agents? 

While they became very useful in the past year, those circumstances and the real estate industry will change back at some point, at least to the extent that relatively few home buyers will purchase based only on a virtual home tour.

However, to truly understand the benefits of virtual real estate tours, it’s best to consider them in their own light, versus comparing them to in-person tours or open houses.  

The Real Benefits of Virtual Tour for Real Estate Professionals 

Virtual tours are one of the newer tools of the trade in the real estate market. While there have always been clear benefits of taking the time to arrange for the photography and video that goes into virtual tours, they didn’t really come into their own until in-person tours were almost impossible.

But, when all the advantages of virtual tours are considered, it’s obvious that they are here to stay as one of the best tools in your arsenal.

  1. Better Buyer Experience – The vast majority of house hunting starts on the internet. Potential buyers will check out available properties online before contacting agents for a closer look at the ones they prefer. The higher quality and more complete you make your online tours, the better the chance of your property making the shortlist.
  2. Better Seller Experience – Even in seller’s markets, homeowners want to capitalize on the conditions to maximize their gains. They will choose a listing agent who shows them that their property will be marketed in ways that will get their property sold quickly for the highest possible price. Having virtual tours on your list of marketing tactics is a plus.
  3. Increase Closing Rates – Statistics from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show virtual tours significantly increase the chances that a property will be sold and can help buyers make a purchase decision faster. 40% of potential buyers ranked virtual tours as “very useful” in purchasing a home.    

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