Best Apps For Real Estate Agents on the Go

If you’re a real estate agent, you know there is nothing slow-paced about your day-to-day schedule, and staying organized can be tough. Luckily, there are many real estate apps that agents can use to automate daily tasks, schedule appointments, keep track of documents, and much more. A regular day may consist of running around the city, showing homes, signing contracts, and connecting with brokers and other agents. And that’s just the shortlist. What about marketing your listings, scheduling your viewings, and trying to keep up with all your admin and contract work. Keep reading to learn about the best apps for agents on the go.

12 of the best real estate apps for agents on the go

1. Real Estate Multiple Listings Service App


The REALTOR® app is a trusted database for multiple listing services (MLS®) and helps agents and brokerages with their MLS searches. and, are by far the most popular real estate MLS® apps for agents and brokerages to list and find properties for sale or rent. Agents love to use the REALTOR® app, as it allows them to see multiple listings in one platform and gives them the ability to choose the search location. One of the reasons this app is so popular is because it has the most up to date listings available on the market and is continually updated.  As well, the REALTOR® app allows custom search filtering for location, type of home, buyer, or renter, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, and the price range. This customization element allows agents to narrow down the best options for their clients quickly.

Cost of the app: FREE

2. Marketing Apps For Real Estate Agents


Never stress about creating professional business presentations, Facebook ads,  Facebook banners, or social media posts again.  Canva is an easy to use graphic design app that is accessible on your phone, desktop, or tablet. This app offers a wide array of template designs that can be customized to suit your advertising and marketing needs. Lastly, Canva even has a section for real estate posts, so you can quickly customize the designs to fit your brand colours and messaging. 

Cost of the app: there is a FREE version and the option for the Pro or Enterprise version 



Use Buffer to schedule a month’s worth of social media posts in a day. Within a few hours, you can upload and schedule your content, add your captions and hashtags to your Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts. Then you can free up time during the week to focus on more critical tasks than scheduling your listing post on your Instagram feed. And last but not least, you can analyze how your posts are performing to see who is engaging with your content the most. 
Cost of the app: a FREE 14-day trial and the option for Pro or Premium account

3. File and Document Management Apps for Real Estate Agents


An essential part of being a real estate agent is staying on top of your paperwork and organizing all your documents and contracts in one place. DropBox is a cloud-based storage solution that can be accessed by multiple agents once they are adding to your brokerage’s account. As well, DropBox is connected to Microsoft Word online or offline, so you can quickly edit shared documents and make live changes. 

Cost of the app: FREE, Plus and Professional plan

Google Drive

Google Drive is a safe cloud-based storage management solution for all your large files, documents, and listing photos and videos. Instead of carrying your laptop around or lugging around a folder of documents, you can quickly upload your files to Google Drive and have access to them wherever you are. Google Drive uses Google Docs and Google Sheets, so you can directly create documents on the app. Furthermore, you can add your brokerage and multiple agents to a Google Drive folder or file, and depending on the type of document; you can even restrict access or add a password to open the file.

Cost of the app: FREE for up to 15GB, then three options to upgrade storage for up to 10TB+


DocuSign has simplified the way you store and sign documents with clients. With this app, you can securely upload your contracts and electronically send a copy for your customers or brokerages to sign with their eSignature. In minutes you can get lease agreements signed by both parties, get signed approvals faster, and close more transactions quicker. As well, you can set up the signing order and guide signers with “sign here” notes, which shows the individual exactly where they need to sign on the contract. The e-documents get signed in real-time, and you will receive a notification once your document is completed. Lastly, DocuSign easily integrates with multiple applications, and platforms and that is why real estate agents love to use this app. 

Cost of the app: FREE and Pro Version


Evernote is a digital notepad, and that helps you store and keep track of notes from any device in one place. Its built-in keyword search function allows you to search for records on your phone and across all your connected devices to easily find what you are looking for. You can type notes, scan handwritten notes, add to-do lists, upload web pages, and images and sync all your devices to have all your information with you on the go. If that doesn’t sound good enough, the app also has a do-list completion function that checks off your lists, sets reminders for you, allows collaboration, and does so much more.

Cost of the app: Free, Premium and Business Plan

Scanner Apps: Scan PDF Document and Tiny Scanner Plus 

Turn your phone into a digital scanner; there is no need to run to a print shop or use your at-home scanner anymore. Use your phone as a scanner, scan receipts and contracts, and email them directly to your clients or upload the file to the app or share the file to your Google Drive or file management system. One of the main benefits of the app is its specialized filters and editing features to make your documents look professional. Lastly, you can export your files to PDF or JPG format or save them on a file in your Tiny Scanner app. 

Cost of the app: the free version is called Scan PDF Document, and the paid version is Tiny Scanner Plus

4. Customer Relationship Management Real Estate App

Real Estate Deal

Dot Loop

Dot Loop helps agents, brokers, and clients stay in the loop and optimize productivity, as the app implies. This app allows agents to keep track of contracts and transactions from any device while on the go. The app integrates with DropBox, and other storage and email platforms, so you can quickly share documents from your mobile device. As well, you can quickly integrate DotLoop with DocuSign which allows you to upload contracts and get deals signed and uploaded to the app. The app sends real-time notifications to you when documents are signed, transactions have gone through, or new workflow automation has been completed or added to your list. Thus, making this one of the best real estate apps available for agents. 

Cost of the app: There is no FREE version. There is a premium version for agents, a team version, and a version for brokers.

5. Virtual Floor Plan App For Real Estate Agents

RoomScanPro App

Long gone are the days where you need to physically measure a room and draw the interior design on AutoCAD. The integration of technology into the real estate field has allowed agents to show potential home buyers what their future home could look like within seconds using the RoomScanPro app. The RoomScan Pro app is a virtual floor plan app. You use this app by downloading it on to your phone, then touching the phone to a wall, scanning the floor, and the walls.  After you scan each area, the app quickly generates a plan for the room. If that doesn’t sound good enough, the app uses Leica and Bosch laser measurements to get accurate measurements for the home plan. 

Cost of the app: FREE with additional in-app purchase options

6. Front Office Solution, Communication and Scheduling Apps For Real Estate Agents

Stratus Collab App

The Stratus Collab app is a simple solution to improve day to day communication between buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. Agents and buyers love this app because of its built-in messaging and sharing features, which makes collaboration fast and easy. Other features of the Stratus Collab app include the ability to share listings in one place, real-time access to the latest estate data in your market, a place to store all your documents, and a place to share and manage your search lists with your team or clients.  

Cost of the app: FREE

Schedulock App

Schedulock is your brokerage’s number one front-office solution. This app allows your brokerage to automate the showing management process at a cost-effective price easily.

Real estate agents and brokerages love this app because you can manage listings and requests, communicate with co-op agents, bulk message, and communicate offer registration to all agents that have seen the offer in the past. As well, you can manage upcoming showings as co-op agents, manage to list and showing notifications, and map routes for your showings. Beyond those features, this app acts as a file manager to keep your documents organized for each specific property and lets you easily upload and download files to the app. Using Schedulock is beneficial as you can view all the documents from your office in one place. Lastly, Schedulock integrates with DocuSign rooms, and your listings automatically import into the app with your brokerage’s DocuSign account. Therefore, automating the process of creating rooms within DocuSign.

Cost of the app: FREE 30-day trial, then a standard plan, a premium plan or a board and associates plan

Schedulock Real Estate Apps

Increase your productivity with these apps for busy real estate agents

There are many more real estate apps that agents and brokerages use; however, after talking to multiple agents, these were on the top of their lists to streamline their workday. If you aren’t already using any of the apps above, we suggest you try some of them out. Automating your workflow and daily duties is a great way to become more time-efficient and have more time to focus on more important tasks. If you want to automate your scheduling and front office, please get in touch with our team to learn more about the benefits of Schedulock for your brokerage.

For more blog posts from Schedulock, visit us here.

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