Easy Ways to Kick Your Real Estate Marketing Up a Notch

Generally speaking, real estate markets seem to be fairly healthy across the board. If there’s a downside to that, it is the complacency that booming markets can trigger, especially when it comes to marketing your services as a real estate agent or brokerage.

After all, why worry too much about marketing when listings are relatively easy to come by? 

Because that sort of thinking ignores two key points.

  1. It’s a smart idea to market yourself when there are lots of opportunities around. Hey, things are good. That means a little marketing can get a big return on investment.
  2. It’s a mistake to wait until things slow down to start more marketing. If your marketing isn’t in high gear now, are you planning to wait for a slow down? If so, and you start marketing then, you might just find yourself spinning your wheels, and getting relatively little return on your investment.

5 Easy & Effective Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

Try one or more of the following tips to help promote your real estate business.

  1. Get Social
    Social media marketing that is. Considering all the imagery involved, real estate is one of the best professions for social media marketing. Make sure all your social accounts are up-to-date. Try different platforms – Tik Tok is perfect for your virtual tours. And add social sharing buttons to all your property listings.
  2. Pay Attention to Your Google My Business Page
    This is an increasingly crucial part of your marketing. Potential clients who search for you online are very likely to see your Google My Business page before they see your website. If it isn’t complete, has few reviews, or looks like an unreal rating, they may never get to your site.
  3. Spy on the Competition – It’s always good to know what your competitors are doing. If they’re not marketing much, it’s a great opportunity to leapfrog them. If they’re doing lots of great things, don’t be afraid to borrow or eclipse what they’re doing.
  4. Be Professional with Your Imagery – From your virtual tour footage, to still shots, poor image composition and resolution stand out like an unstaged home. It might even pay to invest in some of your own professional videos and still image equipment.
  5. Try Paid Digital Advertising – While it is still a valuable marketing tool, it’s getting more difficult to stand out using organic SEO. Paid search ads and social media ads may get costly, but they work. Combined with the fact that organic search engine marketing isn’t exactly “free”, paid advertising can be more cost-effective than you think.

If you want to kick your showings up a notch, check out our post ‘The Benefits of Real Estate Showing Software’.

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