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How to Improve Your Real Estate Showings

As we get back to normal, or the new normal, we hope your calendar of in-person showings has filled up nicely. If you took advantage of virtual showings over the past year and a half, the following tips will get the results you’re hoping for from your face-to-face showings.  

Keep on Schedule

A busy schedule of showings may be an enviable problem to have, but it can be a disaster if you miss a showing appointment. Managing showing times and locations can be a challenge, especially if you didn’t have to schedule too many showings until recently. 

Stay Up-To-Date

There are few wastes of your valuable showing time, and your client’s goodwill, then schedules a showing for a property that has been sold. Whether you do so by hand or you have systems in place to keep you informed, make sure you have the latest listing information before you show a property.

Become the Trusted Advisor

You wouldn’t be showing a particular house or condo to a client if you didn’t think it met at least some of what they are looking for. Once you are in the space with the client, you can let the home sell itself and assume the role of a supportive advisor. Give them your opinions on how the property meets their needs and wants. They are in a stressful, often emotional situation and they may not see the advantages you do.

Keep the Showing Active 

Of course, it helps to give your client as much time as they need to get a feel for space, and it doesn’t help to hurry them along. Still, you have a schedule to keep and you may have other showings to attend. 

Keep a certain pace as you go through the home from room to room. That way, if your clients linger too long in one spot, even they will feel like it’s an inordinate amount of time and it will be easier to encourage them to take in other parts of the home.

To learn more about technology that can improve your showings, check out our article ‘The Benefits of Real Estate Showing Software’.

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