Improve your clients experience during the real estate showing process

Being able to improve your clients experience is an important part of improving a real estate showing process. Clients want to know when a showing occurs, so how do you communicate that as an agent? Here’s how you can improve your clients experience.

Showing requests are handled in one of three ways:

  • They notify clients directly
  • An answering service notifies the client
  • Their real estate office notifies the client

It’s important to remember that clients often don’t check their email every hour and don’t want to be bombarded with calls for every showing. Clients want to be in control of how they receive their notifications, how frequently they receive them and through what medium. There’s a much easier way to meet your clients’ needs without having to make an individual call, email or text message for every showing request.

Mobile App Improve your clients Experience

Schedulock is a real estate showing management solution that keeps your clients informed, while managing all of your listing’s showings on the go on web, Android and iOS.

Schedulock makes the process simple and painless for you. Book the showing and we automatically send notifications to your client and your team via text messages, instant app notifications or email — your choice. We handle the rest. We also provide a complete record of who attended the showing, when they attended, and any feedback they provided.

Do you have a client that wants to confirm every showing? No problem. Schedulock can provide the platform for your client to easily respond to showing requests on the go.

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