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RealtyTech by Schedulock – How To Run an Online Brokerage

Online real estate brokerages are relatively new and can be very different from traditional real estate brokerages. Having the right technology and using it effectively to manage things such as accounting and human resources can be tricky. How do online brokerages leverage technology to operate smoothly and provide great services? In episode 3 of RealtyTech by Schedulock, we will be covering the topic of how to run an online brokerage.

In episode 3 you will learn:

  1. What is it like to run an online real estate brokerage?
  2. How do you transition from a traditional brokerage to an online brokerage?
  3. What technology can you leverage when running an online brokerage?
  4. What are the challenges of running an online brokerage?

Key Discussion Points:

[1:13] How did you decide that online brokerage was the way to go?
[3:14] What benefits are there from running an online brokerage?
[6:37] How did you decide what software to go with?
[8:27] How do you identify your consumer?
[9:29] Is there difficulty in the adoption?
[10:43] What tips do you have for those who are thinking of starting an online brokerage?
[13:08] Did you start your brokerage in the traditional way or directly online?
[16:10] How is agent recruitment and training different when it’s virtual?
[20:01] What about virtual operations?
[21:11] In difficult moments, how do you stay focused on moving forward and making progress?
[24:01] What characteristics are crucial for success?

About Mustafa Abbasi

Mustafa is the co-founder and president of Zolo, the largest online brokerage in Canada. To get in touch, email him at or you can join the team at “Join Zolo” on

About Schedulock

Schedulock is a front-office solution for real estate brokerages that automates 90 percent of the real estate booking process. We help brokerages reduce desk costs and admin queues by 30 to 50 percent while enhancing showing security and improving the client experience.

Schedulock handles all showing requests and confirmation for agents and allows realtors® to quickly arrange, manage, and track their real estate showings from their smartphone and on our website. We provide simple and easy to use tools to allow agents and clients to easily accept and decline showings from anywhere. We provide a secure way of releasing lockbox codes and always make sure everyone is notified of any showings.

About RealtyTech

RealtyTech is brought to you by Schedulock’s Kristel Lee, business development and sales lead, for real estate brokerages and their agents focusing on tech.

For more blog posts from Schedulock, visit us here.

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