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RealtyTech by Schedulock – Leveraging Online Marketing During the Recession in Real Estate

This pandemic has caused an economic depression that has impelled many companies to cut down their costs. Marketing and advertising tends to be one of the first budgets to get cut. It is actually cheaper and more effective to invest in marketing and advertising during this recession. Investing in marketing and advertising right, digitally, can make all the difference with more options for engagement. Leveraging online marketing during the recession in real estate is necessary.

In episode 2, you will learn:

Why you shouldn’t shy away from investing in marketing and advertising during this pandemic

Key Discussion Points:

[2:25] Why is the marketing industry for real estate different from others?
[4:36] Why do real estate ads rely on billboards and bus stops rather than just online ads?
[6:07] How does marketing and advertising during this economic downturn compare to pre-pandemic times?
[8:17] How would you use marketing in this climate to attract new clients?
[12:11] How do you use online marketing to attract more buyers?
[15:21] How should agents pull emotions for people to consider buying houses?
[17:40] What else should you consider?

About Zach Hammer

Zack Hammer is the founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers. Zack has a background in internet marketing and started his own business that focuses on real estate. His company trains and provides services to help agents. To find out more, visit

About Schedulock

Schedulock is a front-office solution for real estate brokerages that automates 90 percent of the real estate booking process. We help brokerages reduce desk costs and admin queues by 30 to 50 percent while increasing showing security and improving the client experience.

Schedulock handles all showing requests and confirmation for agents and allows realtors® to quickly arrange, manage, and track their real estate showings from their smartphone and on our website. We provide simple and easy to use tools to allow your agents and clients to easily accept and decline showings from anywhere! We provide a secure way of releasing lockbox codes and always make sure everyone is notified of any showings.

About RealtyTech

RealtyTech provides you with podcasts brought to you by Schedulock’s Kristel Lee for real estate brokerages and their agents focusing on tech.

For more blog posts from Schedulock, visit us here.

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