Schedulock vs. ShowingTime

We compare the features, pricing, and functionality of two of the most popular real estate showing app and web-based platforms on the market, Schedulock and ShowingTime.

Schedulock Showingtime Comparison

Both Schedulock and ShowingTime allow you to 

  • Minimize office stress by automating office administration related to showings and listings
  • Book, cancel and reschedule showing appointments on the app in real-time
    • Showing request thorough MLS or your office staff
    • Confirm appointment time with the seller or buyer via the app, text, email or phone call
    • Send confirmation back to the showing agent via the app and email
  • Approve or decline showings via text. The app auto-populates sends a YES or NO code to the buyer or seller to confirm the showing time and location. The buyer or seller replies YES or NO and the showing is automatically confirmed or declined
  • Automatically update MLS listings (ex: changes to listing information, price and status change)
  • Request directions to the showing from your location and can show you the route via Google Maps 
  • Send automatic feedback requests and view responses
  • Pay a month to month contract, and doesn’t require a yearly contract 
  • Book listings through TRREB, MLS and Matrix
  • Provide amazing excellent customer service to solve any real estate related issue (Schedulock provides full-time support, and ShowingTime offers 24/7 customer service)
New vs old schedulock or showingtime

Schedulock offers these services that ShowingTime doesn’t

  • Free trial – Commitment free, no credit card down and no set-up fee 30-day trial
  • Agent Details – Auto-populate the co-op agent’s contact information into the app when adding listings, and scheduling showings 
  • Exclusive Network – Schedulock has a public agent only exclusive listing platform seamlessly connected to their front office platform

ShowingTime offers these services that Schedulock doesn’t

  • Listing marketing– ShowingTime has a lead management tool called Lead Alert to generate showing requests at an additional cost from their standard package.
  • Lead generationShowingTime Lead Coordinator, keeps leads organized, answers lead calls, and keep track of advertising campaigns for agents and brokerages at an additional cost from their standard package.
  • Virtual showings

ShowingTime Offers These Services In-House and that Schedulock Offers These Via Partnerships

  • Phone service and appointment booking service – Coverage of inbound and outbound calls related to showings, listings and confirmations and rescheduling appointments.
Cost Breakdown between Schedulock and Showingtime

Pricing Structure and Monthly Cost

Schedulock breaks their pricing down into feature tiers.

Schedulock has packages for all office sizes. From 1 agent starting at $30/month, going up to $360/month for up to 70 agents per month. For more than 70 agents, Schedulock’s pricing model is per agent, per month.

Schedulock Standard Package 

  • Full front office management
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Office messaging Email, SMS, mobile notifications
  • Administrative dashboards
  • Audit logs and tracking
  • MLS integration
  • Full-time support 
  • Additional costs per
    • ShowingAssist: Ability to book showings on the go without the calling or visiting multiple websites. Book showings instantly any MLS listing on the Schedulock mobile app.
    • FeedbackAssist: Assisted request for feedback from co-op agents through phone calls.

Premium Package (base rate +$2/ agent /month)

  • Seamless web & mobile chat
  • Brokerage analytics
  • Feedback customization
  • File manager
  • Have wants dashboard 
  • ShowingAssist Preferred Rate
  • FeedbackAssist Preferred Rate

Board and Associates (contact sales for pricing)

  • Direct showing requests
  • Seamless board wide communication
  • MLS integration
  • e-lockbox integrations
  • Dynamic market reports
Pricing of schedulock vs showingtime

ShowingTime’s breaks their pricing down into different features

Contact ShowingTime for actual prices, each price depends on what add-ons you want and what board you are affiliated with.

ShowingTime Appointment Center

  • All calls related to scheduling appointments and showings are included in the standard plan (inbound and outbound calls). The plan also includes: live feedback tracking, automatic feedback requests for buyer’s agents after showings. Base plans are charged per listing as low as $6.50. 
  • Additional costs per
    • Offer registration enhancement service
    • Apps and branded phone line to track calls
    • 24/7 Listing Service – (covers all appointment calls inbound and outbound related to scheduling showings on your listings)
    • Pages/messages (sent to agents/staff not regard scheduling showings on the office’s listings, ex: showing confirmations calls or leads call that require them to send a page

Premium plan options

  • Showing assistance to get showings scheduled on any MLS listing
  • Updates via text message, email and mobile app notification, to keep you informed and updated on your clients listings, showings and bookings
  • Allowing agents or office staff to schedule multiple showings at once on the app or the web platform and organize logistically with a map and driving directions.
which to choose schedulock or showingtime

Which one to choose? 

To determine the right software for you, your brokerage will have to determine a list of needs and wants of features. Then do the math between both. Both do listing and showing automation, personalize showing instructions, and both are excellent real estate showing apps, but only one may be right for you. 

Book a call with Schedulock to discuss the differences between both apps, and see which one will work best for your brokerage. 

Schedule a call with schedulock

Dynamic Brokerage Analytics

Both Schedulock and Showing Time offer dynamic brokerage analytics and insights into your office. You can view insights such as number of clicks on listings, listing impressions, number of listings uploaded per agent, number of showings scheduled per agent, number of offers sent out and closing rate, and much more. Schedulock and ShowingTime includes these in their premium packages 

Offer Registration

Both Schedulock and ShowingTime apps handle offer registration. For Schedulock this is included in all the monthly plans and is grouped under “full front office management”. whereas ShowingTime offers this service as an add on called OfferRegistration by ShowingTime. 

E-Lockbox Integrations & Authentication 

Both Schedulock and ShowingTime want to ensure client and agent safety during showings, and that is why both apps integrate with e-lockboxes. 

ShowingTime’s appointment Center plan includes e-lockbox services. With ShowingTime the agents log into real estate showing app and click the popular lockbox brand that they want to work with. Then the agent and the brokerage can reference lockbox reporting, activity log and only agents have access to the login code for the listing and the specific time 

Schedulock takes security to the next level and releases the lockbox code and the showing instructions once the booking confirmation is sent. The agent has to authenticate themselves with their Board ID, in order to receive the information they need to release the code and attend the showing. This is an optional feature that works with both mechanical lockboxes and eLockboxes (ShowMojo’s Vault eLockbox). eLockboxes code and bluetooth dispatching come at an additional cost.

Book a demo with Schedulock to go over options and differences in softwares to best suit your brokerage’s needs. 

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