Schedulock vs. TouchBase

Schedulock vs. Touchbase

We’ll be comparing the features, pricing, and functionality of popular real estate showing apps and web-based platforms Schedulock and Touchbase.

Both companies have a web-based platform and an app that complements their software.

However, each has features unique to its own platform, like automated appointment desks at Touchbase or the ability to message brokers, agents, and sellers all in real-time via the Schedulock app. It’s up to you to decide which app is best to use to streamline your brokerage’s front-office solutions.

Both Schedulock and Touchbase allow you to

  • Browse their app on mobile or on desktop
  • Text and email via their app, 
    • However Schedulock has more robust real-time messaging between brokerages, agents and staff, where you can view all messages and chat in one app (similar to Facebook Messenger)
    • Touchbase allows for chat amongst agents if your board is using the platform 
  • Send feedback requests automatically
  • Create basic reports, however, we will go into further detail below on each type of report each platform creates 
  • Show calendar availability to book showings for each property, and reschedule or cancel via the app
  • Appointment button link on MLS
  • See upcoming showings on a map & showing directions
  • Full-time Customer Support; full-time access to the help desk. Helping brokerages and agents onboard their brokerage and staff to the real estate showing app.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
    • Create reports with Schedulock and Touchbase related to showings booked, number of messages per property, properties stats, brokerage stats on sales, admin productivity and more. These reports can be created daily to weekly to monthly.  
Schedulock vs. TouchBase

Schedulock Offers These Services That Touchbase Doesn’t 

Automation of tasks
One of the main reasons brokerages and real estate agents choose Schedulock is for their automation features. Schedulock automates tasks that the front office typically handles including streamlining admin tasks, automating answering services and parts of the showing and booking processes. Schedulock clients get on average 30% cost savings on answering service costs when switching from competitors to Schedulock. 

Agent Details 
When adding listings and scheduling showings on Schedulock, the app auto-populates the co-op agent’s contact information and reduces the need to manually input data and reduces human error.

Imports Listing and Agent Data Automatically 
Schedulock directly imports listing and agent data from desktop or mobile app, so agents and front-office staff can upload on the go. Whereas, you have to manually upload listings and agent data with Touchbase.

Real-time messaging between brokers, agents, buyers and sellers via the app
With Schedulock you can real-time message your office staff and agents conveniently on the go within the app, whereas with Touchbase the board would have to be using the platform for this feature to be active. Both platforms have a direct messaging paging system to agents for texts and emails and they both streamline your communication in one place, however, Schedulock provides a more flexible messaging platform. 

Offer registration via app
Schedulock offers the functionality to send offer registrations via the app, however, Touchbase does not have this feature. Speed up your offer registration process by registering offers for agents from your fingertips. 

Dynamic reporting features and daily activity log
Schedulock’s activity logs are broken down into agent/ office activity and after hours activity, so you can see what tasks and changes your office made and what changes happened after hours while your staff were away.
Schedulock’s dynamic report shows the average number of showings before offer (brokerage and market), the average number of days on the market (brokerage and market), your most frequent showing times and showing dates, agent activity, listings, confirmations, number of showings per month, the number of pages per month, the number of showings booked online, and reports related to your call centre and office. 

Exclusive Listings by Schedulock 
Schedulock has a public agent only exclusive listing platform integrated into their front office platform. Show your customers listings that are coming soon or are not currently available on the market!

Touchbase offers these services that Schedulock doesn’t

Touchbase Voice
A call dispatch system that redirects incoming calls to the requested Realtor®, and fully integrates into Touchbase Office. Touchbase Voice helps brokerage offices minimize and manage their incoming phone calls. The platform also manages showing requests and functions as an automated appointment desk for real estate agents and your brokerage. 

Duty Schedule
A call center for after-hour calls. Real estate agents can send unassigned messages to the customer service rep on duty to respond to on behalf of you.  

Cost Breakdown between Schedulock and TouchBase

Pricing Structure and Monthly Cost

Schedulock breaks its pricing down into feature tiers.

Schedulock has packages for all office sizes. From 1 agent starting at $30/month, going up to $360/month for up to 70 agents per month. For more than 70 agents, Schedulock’s pricing model is per agent, per month.

Schedulock Standard Package 

  • Full front office management
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Office messaging Email, SMS, mobile notifications
  • Administrative dashboards
  • Audit logs and tracking
  • MLS integration
  • Full-time support 
  • Additional costs per
    • ShowingAssist: Ability to book showings on the go without calling or visiting multiple websites. Book showings instantly any MLS listing on the Schedulock mobile app.
    • FeedbackAssist: Assisted request for feedback from co-op agents through phone calls.

Premium Package (base rate +$2/ agent /month)

  • Seamless web & mobile chat
  • Brokerage analytics
  • Feedback customization
  • File manager
  • Have wants dashboard 
  • ShowingAssist Preferred Rate
  • FeedbackAssist Preferred Rate

Board and Associates (contact sales for pricing)

  • Direct showing requests
  • Seamless board wide communication
  • MLS integration
  • e-lockbox integrations
  • Dynamic market reports

TouchBase’s Pricing

Contact Touchbase’s sales office to learn more about their pricing per agent and different tiers. They offer a free one month trial to test out their app.

Schedulock vs. TouchBase

Which real estate app to choose?

Both apps have similar features and benefits, however, if you are looking for an app with robust reporting and analytic capabilities, offer registration via the app, and real-time messaging, then Schedulock may be the right option for you.

Book a demo with Schedulock to go over the differences and options each platform has to offer and find out which app best suits your brokerage’s needs. 

For more blog posts from Schedulock, visit us here.

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