What is a centralized showing system?

What is a centralized showing system or CSS?

A centralized showing system or CSS for short is a cloud-based software and app where broker of records and real estate agents can virtually schedule and manage their showings and listings in realtime. 

The centralized showing system provides realtors® and brokerages all of the information they need on the go and seamless communication between clients, the front office, and real estate agents. Most showing systems even have map integration for easy navigation to and from listings. 

Why should every brokerage and real estate agent use a CSS?

Agents are always on the go and a CSS allows for flexibility and real-time scheduling. 

  • CSS simplifies the buying and selling process for agents, resulting in direct profits to brokerages
  • Schedule showings in real-time and access all of your data on the go (no more back and forth with the front-office, agents and sellers!) 
  • Receive real-time feedback on showings from co-op agents
  • Improve your agent and customer service experience
  • Keep listings organized and communicate with clients in a timely manner
  • Empower your agents, so that they can focus on prospecting and closing deals
  • Organize your front office, reduce time on the phone, and front office and agent workload

How do you use a centralized showing system like Schedulock?

Centralized showing system

Schedulock eliminates the need for manual communication between the front desk, listing agent, and the seller.  Agents can still call the office to book showings, but there is now an additional option to do this from your phone. The real estate showing management app has reduced the need to book showings traditionally. All the communication is streamlined in one app and synced with the MLS to schedule showings.

Step 1: Schedule the showing 

Co-op agents can go directly through the TRREB or Matrix listing and proceed to book through the online booking button. Choose the time, date, and duration. Their name and brokerage information will automatically get added to the showing, and they will be prompted to enter their cell phone number.

Alternatively, the administrative team or the listing agent can sign in to the Schedulock app and select the listing you want to book. Choose the time, date, and duration. Add the broker name or agent name, and the co-op agent’s information will automatically get added to the showing. 

The coop agent will receive a text message and/or email saying that the booking has been sent and to wait for confirmation.

Step 2: Confirm the showing

The seller will receive a notification through text message, email, mobile or web to request to approve or decline the showing. You can reply YES or NO with the code that auto-populates. Once you respond YES, the app sends a confirmation message to your phone.

Step 3: Read the showing information and instructions

Once the booking is confirmed, the co-op agent will receive a text message with the address, date and time. This message will also include a link that prompts the co-op agent to authenticate themselves with their Board ID which will release further instructions for the showing and the lockbox code.

Step 4: Communicate in real-time

Communicate with listing agents, buying agents, front office, or the seller. You can send group messages too to organize showings, or communication if deadlines change. Reschedule showings and add feedback into the app after each showing. Schedulock centralizes all your information into one spot and streamlines your communication efforts.

Step 5: Access previous listings and history

Look back on your audit trail, your showing history, and feedback on listings. 

Schedulock Centralized Showing System

How do you sign up for Schedulock’s centralized showing system?

Sign up for Schedulock or Scheudock premium on our website. Compare our packages here and learn more about the features and benefits that each plan has to offer. Multiple brokerages use our app and web platform to reduce front-off stress and workload, and here is what they have to say. 

“Schedulock has increased the productivity and organization levels in our office by allowing outside agents to book showings directly through MLS and allowing us to track showings just as easily.” 


A centralized showing system is the best software for your brokerage to switch to or start with. The ability to streamline communication between agents, sellers and the front office is the automation of your brokerage needs. Manage your showings and listings with Schedulock and take your brokerage’s organizational management skills to the next level. 

To find out how a centralized showing system like Schedulock can help improve your brokerage, read our case study with Zolo!

Keep your clients happy with real-time communication and instant listing booking and confirmation. Contact Schedulock for a demo today!

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